Public Futility 002 – What To Do With Your Whale Carcass

Episode 2 – What to do with your whale carcass

Alt title: Whale carcass, Netflix and Star Trek (this is the 2nd worst title suggestion in history)

What to do with your whale carcass (length: 18:49)

  • Washed up whale carcass? What to do.
  • Ideas for disposal
  • Joe asserts boats are hard to get
  • Orca whales encountered on a journey to the north pole

Netflix and Queue Husbandry (start: 19:33, length: 9:07)

  • There are two types of people
  • Ok, maybe there is only one type of person
  • Old Netflix vs. new Netflix

Original Star Trek Appreciation (start: 28:43, length: 24:19)

  • The Ultimate Computer, The Omega Glory and Gary Seven
  • Joe asserts the new movies are horrible as compared to the original series
  • And then discovers he is a Trekkie (Trekker?)

LINKS (YouTube)
this fellow Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu has amassed a veritable Staffordshire Hoard of whale carcass videos in the past few weeks.
Recommended: (SPINE!!)

Famous Exploding Whale –
The Worst Journey in the World by one of the all-time British names Apsley Cherry-Garrard (Project Gutenburg) (audiobook) (Librivox) (amazon)
THANKS: The Linus Pauling Quartet,

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