Episode 005 – Eye Contact, Brainstorming

(Once again presented for your consideration — the worst title in history. One of us — I won’t say who, insists on titles drained of all life and interest. It’s like our podcast episodes are titled by a rogue AI… that has only listened to our podcast)

Eye Contact (27:51)

  • Joe expresses discomfort with eye contact
  • Can you opt-out of the eye contact game?
  • Staring contest with your dog
  • Joe vs. humans (Joe 1 Humans 0)


Brainstorming Doesn’t Work (25:27)

  • Alex Osborn, the father of Brainstorming!
  • Little evidence that brainstorming does work
  • The pitfalls of brainstorming
  • Critical thought vs brainstorming
  • Geek Warning: We talk a little bit about this in relation to software development.  But that’s OK.
  • Alternatives

THANKS, YOU: Linus Pauling Quartet , Time Off From The Podcast Grind

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