Episode 004 – Good Trump – Much Ado About Leaks

Episode 4

Good things about Trump (29:53)

  • Unfiltered language

Trump Travel Ban Starts Thursday (Bloomberg)

  • The humor of Trump

It is surprisingly controversial to think Trump is funny.  

10 times Trump Was Funny (WIRED)

What is a leak? (11:43)

  • What is a leak?
  • Recent use of the term

Did James Comey admit to leaking classified information? (Politifact) (SPOILER ALERT: No)

Amazing, single-spaced article about Valerie Plame that I won’t even read through (Stratfor)

Gladwell on Snowden, Ellsberg and Leaks (New Yorker)

THANKS: The Linus Pauling Quartet , Very Bad Wizards

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